Week 6 reflection

This week we were reading a new book called Scary Night. What we did was an art response, so we had to try and draw one of the pages and it was about a cat with a cake, a hare with a hat and pig with a parcel were going through hills to get to the goats house for his birthday. We had torn paper for the hills, a tree with no leaves, a moon and the three characters. It was a lot of fun to draw it, and the book showed that even though the night is scary it doesn’t always lead to something scary.

The other book we read was the Stone Lion. I really like the book and it had a really good life lesson. The stone lion was complete stone so he couldn’t move or even feel emotions like sadness, happiness, love and fear. Until one day the gargoyle told the lion, that he had one chance to move, but only if you do something good. A girl named Sarah was homeless with her baby brother and she would sleep next to the lion but she would freeze to death if she stayed there, so the lion picked up Sarah and her brother and put then in the library next door. The stone lion never moved every again, but he could feel emotions. He felt sad for Sarah, happy we kids weren’t afraid of him anymore and he learnt how to love people and cherish them. The life lesson was that, in life sometimes you can only get once chance, so you have to use it wisely. I learnt that friendship is important and that you have to care for others.


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