Emmaus Theatre

On the 22nd of July the grade 5 and 6’s all went to see the production of Beauty and the Beast by Emmaus collage. There were many songs and they all sang well and the dancing was inescapable. My favourite character was Lumiere because of his songs and his acting was really good. All characters made the crowd laugh, yet sad so it was very entertaining with lots of emotions in it.

The story line is that there was a heartless prince and one old witch. She gave him a rose but he didn’t want it so the witch casted a spell on him to turn him into a beast, and once he had learnt to love the spell will be broken. a girl named Belle was really beautiful but strange because she was always reading. One day her dad went into the wood to go to a competition but got lost. He went into the beast’s castle because of wolves chasing him but the beast kept him as a prisoner. Belle went after him and the beast kept her instead of him. Eventually the beast learnt how to act like a gentlemen and also how to love. The Beast fell in love with Belle and so did she. once he had learnt to love the spell was broken and he was a human again.

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