lights-of-city.jpg (847×567)Some people like to do photography. It’s when you take a picture that looks beautiful and it makes people go “WOW”.  Everyone should  try some because it makes you feel good about what you did and you can show off your great photos.

It is another one of my hobbies! 

My Passion

Hi everyone, my name is Amy and I’m going to tell you about my passion. I love to dance! I do it in anytime that I have free. My favourite type of dance is Jazz and contemporary. My mum used to dance, so she really wanted me to start, and now I just love it. At the end and middle of the year I do a dance concert and I also do a lot of competitions. We learn 3 dances for each concert. When your dancing you have to focus on your flex, turnout, technical terms, and terminology. I stared dancing when I was 5 years old and now dance is my biggest passion. I think I’m going to be dancing for the rest of my life!

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