Week 6 reflection

This week we were reading a new book called Scary Night. What we did was an art response, so we had to try and draw one of the pages and it was about a cat with a cake, a hare with a hat and pig with a parcel were going through hills to get to the goats house for his birthday. We had torn paper for the hills, a tree with no leaves, a moon and the three characters. It was a lot of fun to draw it, and the book showed that even though the night is scary it doesn’t always lead to something scary.

The other book we read was the Stone Lion. I really like the book and it had a really good life lesson. The stone lion was complete stone so he couldn’t move or even feel emotions like sadness, happiness, love and fear. Until one day the gargoyle told the lion, that he had one chance to move, but only if you do something good. A girl named Sarah was homeless with her baby brother and she would sleep next to the lion but she would freeze to death if she stayed there, so the lion picked up Sarah and her brother and put then in the library next door. The stone lion never moved every again, but he could feel emotions. He felt sad for Sarah, happy we kids weren’t afraid of him anymore and he learnt how to love people and cherish them. The life lesson was that, in life sometimes you can only get once chance, so you have to use it wisely. I learnt that friendship is important and that you have to care for others.


Week 4

This week on Monday, one of the Hawks schools program leader came to our class to teach us about healthy eating and how to stay active. The leader gave us a book to recall what we were eating and drinking, plus what kind of exersize we did. i learnt that you have to have 5 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit, you also need to have 5 glasses of water per day.


Also on Thursday the 6th our preps had their 100th anniversary! We brought some food to eat and we just celebrated for preps while having lunch. We had some biscuts, fruit, sweets and some sandwiches too. It was a great day we had a lot of fun spending time with our buddies!





Emmaus Theatre

On the 22nd of July the grade 5 and 6’s all went to see the production of Beauty and the Beast by Emmaus collage. There were many songs and they all sang well and the dancing was inescapable. My favourite character was Lumiere because of his songs and his acting was really good. All characters made the crowd laugh, yet sad so it was very entertaining with lots of emotions in it.

The story line is that there was a heartless prince and one old witch. She gave him a rose but he didn’t want it so the witch casted a spell on him to turn him into a beast, and once he had learnt to love the spell will be broken. a girl named Belle was really beautiful but strange because she was always reading. One day her dad went into the wood to go to a competition but got lost. He went into the beast’s castle because of wolves chasing him but the beast kept him as a prisoner. Belle went after him and the beast kept her instead of him. Eventually the beast learnt how to act like a gentlemen and also how to love. The Beast fell in love with Belle and so did she. once he had learnt to love the spell was broken and he was a human again.

Environmental Gardening!

On the 24th of July, our school’s Environmental leaders and the Arts and Creativity group, all went to an international plant a tree day. It was a lot of fun learning how to properly plant trees and we planted about 20 trees for each person. The Creativity group were all taking photos and videos to report them into the school newsletter. Once we had planted all of the trees, we water them and we all really enjoyed it!

What I’ve Learnt this week!

What we have learnt this week…

We were doing fractions of collections, and I have revised the formula of it.

e.g  1/6 of 18 (18 divided by 6) x 1 = 3

(Denominator divided by whole number times by the numerator)


We also did Optical Illusion which is quite hard but really fun. What you have to do is… draw dots one centimeter apart going down the page on each side then trace your hand.  Connect the dots with a line going across, but without the lines going in the hand. Then draw bumps that connect to the lines in the hand everywhere on the hand and then colour it.






Sister Trish!

On the 17th of April, a women named Sister Trish came to our school and told us what her job was. Sister Trish helps children in Vietnams that are poor, and some schools that aren’t very safe for people. Sister Trish works with two other women named Chang and Harmy, and they are Trish’s assistant’s and they are called The Loreto Sisters. Sister Trish has helpd over 73 projects. Sister Trish says that its takes a few months to build a brand new school, but they  love helping kids so much, and they hope to do this for a l-o-n-g time.

Cats or Dogs

Cats~Alana, Isabelle,

Both~Mary, Amy, Alannah

Dogs~ Mietta, Siobhan, Evgeniya, Kayla, Georgia


I asked 9, people which is there favourite and cats is the least vote and dogs is the favourite.

About Me!

Hi, my name is Amy. My favourite colour is pink and blue. I have two other members in my family, a mum and a brother. I have two birds who are boys and there are Budgies. I also have a cuddly cat named Misha and she has big green eyes and she is a Grey Torteshell.  I do tumbling, dance and calisthenics, and I like to do nail art as well.


 lights-of-city.jpg (847×567)Some people like to do photography. It’s when you take a picture that looks beautiful and it makes people go “WOW”.  Everyone should  try some because it makes you feel good about what you did and you can show off your great photos.

It is another one of my hobbies! 

My Passion

Hi everyone, my name is Amy and I’m going to tell you about my passion. I love to dance! I do it in anytime that I have free. My favourite type of dance is Jazz and contemporary. My mum used to dance, so she really wanted me to start, and now I just love it. At the end and middle of the year I do a dance concert and I also do a lot of competitions. We learn 3 dances for each concert. When your dancing you have to focus on your flex, turnout, technical terms, and terminology. I stared dancing when I was 5 years old and now dance is my biggest passion. I think I’m going to be dancing for the rest of my life!

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